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Local contacts for Disc Rotor and Brake Pad Replacement

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  • Local contacts for Disc Rotor and Brake Pad Replacement

    Hi All,
    Long time lurker, first time poster I own a 2017 PRADO GXL; since day one, I have never liked how the brakes behaved - it's always been a bit "spungy", so I finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase slotted DBA rotors and Bendix pads. I bought them on Boxing Day so I guess I may have gotten a good deal

    Now the challenge is to get these new ones swapped in. I spoke to the dealer and they are happy to do a swap for just the labour cost. I know it may cost me a pretty penny, so I'm here asking for any references any of you may have for a local workshop that could do this job for me at a reasonable rate. I'm at Schofields, NSW...

    Thanks in advance, guys and girls..

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    Any mechanic will be able to do it, its not hard. Or do it yourself, its a relatively straightforward job.


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      Oh, I'm looking for references, you know.. someone who has done this via a reputed mechanic.
      I wish I could do this myself .. I'm not that very handy with tools, plus, I get to help the economy a bit.. Love this car, love this country more


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        If you lived near me I’d do it for you for $50. I’m not a mechanic but have replaced brake pads & rotors many times. Any mechanic can do this. Contact a mobile mechanic for the cheapest hourly rate. Workshops can be up to $120 an hour whereas mobile mechanics can be $70 an hour. If they’re callout is $70-$80, that usually covers their first hour on site.
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          Thanks, appreciate the advise.


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            Make sure they don't just replace the pads and rotors but also look at the slider pins and clean and lubricate them. I had one slider pin that required cleaning up. It resulted in uneven pad wear from not being able to freely slide.
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              Thanks amts. Great advise


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