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4th and 5th gear problems

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  • 4th and 5th gear problems

    G'day all,
    on the weekend gone by i had some issues with my gearbox, car is 2014 GXL auto.

    i was cruising on the freeway at 110, no problems, everything was running fine! approx for 1 hour.
    after i slowed down entering a town - navigating through traffic i went to speed up to 110 again and the gear box refused to shift into 5th. staying only in 4th.
    there was no excessive external forces ie... headwinds or uphill or towing.
    trying to manually change the gears did nothing either, with use of tip-tronic.
    after i pulled over and selected park, i tried again. no change
    i pulled over once again, turned off the vehicle waited for 20 seconds, and bingo everything back to normal.

    it only 'locks' into 4th after 'extended' use of 5th.
    2 days prior to my small trip i had the vehicle serviced for its 30 000. but they claim they did not touch my transmission.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    car is remapped however it was done 10 000 kms ago with no dramas whatsoever.

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    I have a similar but slightly different in that the 4th shift point sticks and then releases lockup from 4th creating a flare into 5th. It doesn't always do it. I have since replaced the input and output sensors on the transmission and the TPC sensor and a service. I had a remap and was fine for 12months, so I am going to have the I oem file reloaded and clear the transmission memory to see if that works, I wonder whether the ECU and TCM are confused in there calculations because of the remap. Mine car is a 2010 Kakadu.

    Would be good to know if anyone else has had a similar issue.


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      Mine hangs in 4th if the car is accelerating too effortlessly.
      If I drive off at a brisk pace she slips into locked 5th as per normal every time.
      However my entry to the highway is downhill so the car accelerates very quickly and with minimal throttle. Bloody thing will hang in 4th at 100kph for ages but will eventually drop into locked 5th. Has me checking am I in the right gear or has the accelerator jammed.
      I presume it's just a programming hiccup, throttle position/rpm/road speed.
      Engine's ecu is also tweaked so that could be another variable.


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        Hi Lads/Ladies,
        I have 2012 Altitude, 120K on the clock. I had a Remap done and EGR 'modification'. Dyno test for the remap only uses 3rd gear so they were unaware of any issues, however once I hit the 100kph i noticed it would not drop into 5th. Spoke the chap who carried out the remap and he asked me to bring it back, he has done literally dozens if not more than 100 and never seen anything like this, however mine was the first one to do the EGR mod. SO this gave him a place to start looking, he found that there was something in the 'coding' or 'parameters' (my words not his as i cant remember exactly), that said if the EGR was not detected the ECU (or TCM?) will not select 5th. He made a 'patch' and applied it to the ECU and it was all sorted.. No issues since...


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          Devil mine also has the EGR mod. The only time it goes weird is on that downhill highway entry.
          Today just for fun I started off with her out of "D" and then accelerated smoothly from standing start onto highway. At 85 I knocked the stick back into "D" whereupon she dropped into 5 and then locked an instant later. A perfect gear change.
          If I'd begun the voyage in "D" she wouldn't have grabbed locked 5 until a further k down the road, well after reaching 100.
          An odd car but only on that bit of highway.


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            Carco, i have not driven another prado so i only have mine to go off but, mine does seem to kick down fairly enthusiastically when only light breaking down hill, and does not like to go back up the gears until you have a fair amount of throttle back on, which is annoying on steep long hills where you want to coast down, which there are a few where we live, but i just assumed this is a characteristic of the car, which is not the end of the world anyway..
            I have noticed a few times that it was resisting changing into 5th doing 100kph (ish), but thats going up hills under load (of the hill), which i guess is understandable.. I would agree that it seems a common variable is that we have had the remaping done... would be interesting to see if when John gets his change back to the original file it fixes the problem.. cheers


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              Yes, it seems a remap is the common denominator here. EGR delete is typically done with most remaps too.
              From factory the 150 5-speed trany does that strange gear down thing when braking, really gets annoying in some situations, around town etc.
              I might get in touch with the 1KD Bundy guys to see if they've come across this other odd phenomenon before.
              I'd say not as they tend to tune, dyno etc and most customers are just stoked to have a car that performs as it should have from factory.