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Torque Pro gear and lock-up Indicator equation

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  • Torque Pro gear and lock-up Indicator equation

    The following Torque Pro equation can be used to indicate the gear and torque-converter lockup status. The speed/rev ratio ranges are based on the gear and differential ratios for the 2.8l 6 speed transmission, with a tolerance of between +-3 and +-5% to allow for minor levels of slippage at lock-up. This works really well for 4th, 5th and 6th gear and not as good for 1st and 2nd gear as there is larger variation in revs as a percentage during lock-up for the lower gears. This could be improved by increasing the range but the indicator is really most useful when targeting lock-up in the higher gears when cruising or towing than when accelerating up through the lower gears.

    Lookup([0d]/[0c]*100:='Coast':0.0~0.2='P/N':0.2~0.99='D1u':0.99~1.09='D1':1.09~1.70='D2u':1 .70~1.88='D2':1.88~2.39='D3u':2.39~2.64='D3':2.64~ 3.60='D4u':3.60~3.90='D4':3.90~5.29='D5u':5.29~5.6 2='D5':5.62~6.27='D6u' :6.27~6.65='D6')

    The equation can be adapted for low range by editing "*100" to "*256.6" to account for the low range gearbox ratio. I have not tested this yet but think it may not work as well for the same reason that the lower gears require a larger tolerance to work.

    If anyone knows of a less cumbersome way of indicating the gear and lock-up status directly from the Toyota OBD PIDs I would be happy to be advised.

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    This is not drive train related but I did some playing around with the Torque Pro equations for measuring / indicating the main and sub tank fuel fill levels as the reported values fluctuate significantly while driving.

    The below equation firstly ignores large outliers (EWMAF), and then time averages the gauge response over 3 minutes (TAVG).


    The reported values are pretty stable and hardly respond to cornering, braking or acceleration.

    This works for both the Main Tank (PID 2129) and Sub-Tank (PID 212A), both with Header of 07C0 on the 2.8l 6 speed, but not sure if they work with the 3.0l.