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150 Prado Front Parking Sensors

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  • 150 Prado Front Parking Sensors

    This is for those with a GX or GXL in particular, but I'm interested in answers from Altitude, VX and Kakadu owners too.

    I'm just wondering if anyone had Toyota Genuine front parking sensors installed in their GX or GXL?

    Or has anyone installed them themselves?

    Where is the display to alert you to which front sensor is going off in the GX/GXL?

    Also, in the VX/Kakadu, where is your display for the sensors?

    Does anyone actually use the front ones or are they just a pain in the backside?

    A brand new genuine front sensor kit has fallen into my possession and I'm trying to decide whether to fit them...
    2011 150series GXL

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    Are you taking your PP Badass mtot to the limit, and starting dodgy deals????

    The front sensors are good if you cannot see what is infront of you, but a pain in the butt if someone walks too close to the car, or if you are reversing, and you swing a little wide....

    Come standard on the Altitude, but a worthwhile install if you got them for nothing
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      In the Kakadu the display is in two places. The centre of the instrument panel, and also full screen on the media centre. If you have the cameras turned on then the display shrinks to the top corner of the media screen. They are useful.
      2012 Kakadu


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        I've got a 2010 VX. The display used is the LCD screen between the tacho and speedo. It shows a silhouette of the car with a number of lines radiating out from the sensors that have been activated, roughly indicating how close the object is (fewer lines means closer).

        I leave mine on most of the time. The only time it's annoying is when i go through a drive-through. Just a couple of button presses on the steering wheel and i can turn it off until i leave the drive-through.

        It may be noted that the sensors apparently don't activate before you rear-end another car (so my wife tells me).

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          I've got the Sat Nav in my VX, and my front parking sensors are displayed on the main Sat Nav screen and the little centre LED screen between the speedo and taco, same as the Kakadu.

          I never thought I'd use the front sensors as I have never had them before, but after using them for a while I quite like them. However, they are a pain if you are in a Maccas drive through or the like as the side sensor picks up the wall when your next to the drive through window. This is one time I do turn them off as they continually beep until you drive away from the wall.

          Summary - Yes I like them.


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            Castle hill toyota quoted for $540. They said I can't install bull bar once I installed them first.
            Is it worth spending $540?
            Silver Prado GXL 2013 D4D.


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              Has anyone had them optioned / added them to a 2018 GXL? Do they integrate into a screen?



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                Hello all,
                I could be wrong but with other Toyota's, if you get front sensors installed after market even the genuine ones, they don't integrate at all. As far I know you only get beeping from the sensors, nothing visual.

                Maybe someone else can back me up, or correct me!!!!!!


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                  I have fitted an ARB winchbar to my 2009 Kakadu and they transferred the front sensors from the bumper to the bullbar.
                  Ok for a while but now I am getting the sensor alarm for the two centre ones continuously every time it rains.
                  How can I stop this annoyance, what should I spray up behind the bar to waterproof them. Is this a common fault
                  with having them with exposed backs on the bullbar.


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                    Hi Rexdog, we have an ARB bar on our 2011 Kakadu and have really had no issues at all. Occasionally you might get some water gathering on the front of the sensor which might cause the odd beep, but this was the same prior to the ARB bar.
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