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Delay with engine cranking

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  • Delay with engine cranking

    Hello all.

    I have a starting issue with my 150 V6. I went through a few deep water crossings on the weekend. No issues until Monday when I started the car.

    normally you push the start button, and it fires up straight away. Now you push the button, the ignition comes on, thereís a 1 - 2 second pause, then a loud click (sounds like the starter motor engaging) from under the bonnet and the car fires up.

    It starts every time, itís just a long delay.

    I have a dual dual battery set up with a red arc isolator. Everything seems to be fine there. I charged the cranking battery, no difference. I thought maybe the key fob battery is low? I have been holding the fob next to the push button and it makes no difference.

    Any suggestions?
    Prado 150 V6

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    So I went away for the weekend and when I returned the car now wonít crank over at all.

    I tried pulling the starter out to have a look at it.

    i gained access to it by removing the left wheel. For the life of me I could not undo the two bolts holding the starter motor on.

    I tried some penitraing fluid, no change. Not enough room for a breaker bar.
    Prado 150 V6


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      Have to come in from on top, underneath and thru side wheel well to get the starters off. Last one I did took me 30 mins start to finish. Common for starters to die after water crossings.


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        Ah ok.

        I ended up getting it towed, it was the starter motor at fault.
        Prado 150 V6