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  • Catch Can Install Question

    Hi Group,

    I have recently had a ProVent Catch Can fitted to my 2018 Prado.
    I am not sure if was installed correctly - hence the picture.

    I also cannot be sure that the vibration coming from the engine/airbox/lines are causing a "growling" sound around 1000-1100RPM. It seems like a resonant vibration and I am thinking it could be from the Catch Can install. It is hard to narrow down where this vibration/hum is coming from. Ive had the Can fitted since 50km so I don't have anything to compare it to pre/post install.

    As you can see, the outlet/inlet for the catch can runs in between the airbox hose....
    Without seeing the 2018 Provent install instructions - does this look correct?
    It seems quite tight in there to possibly install another way without kinking the block exhaust hoses etc.


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    It looks correct.
    I used the Western Filters kit that locates the Can closer to the engine, but is otherwise the same;

    Note care must be taken installing the Western Filters kit so that the catch can doesn't foul on the underside of the bonnet.

    There didn't seem to be any difference in engine noise post installing the Can on mine. The 2.8 does have a "hum" type noise at some revs, I thinks it's simply due to it otherwise being so quiet compared to the 90 series 3L I'm comparing it too.


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      Mine is installed there and a few random hums and buzzes have occurred. I solved them by making sure that the hoses to and from are not touching anything by putting a few bits of foam rubber in relevant places such as the air intake, brake master cylinder etc. this also applies to the drain pipe.


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        Western Filters kit locates closer in as said previously, and was pretty easy to fit.
        I did have to add a couple of washer to one mounting point to get bracket to sit correctly, but all in all took me maybe 15 minutes - with no mechanical skills.
        Haven't noticed any noises since install - but after 2500 KM's it's doing the job, filter starting to get get darker.


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          Thanks for the feedback thus far! I am going to see about running longer hose to avoid running under the airbox. I can only see if rubbing and causing issues down the track.

          404pug - any chance you might be able to upload a pic of your install?

          After doing around 1500km, I opened the drain to see if anything would come out ---- I was surprised to find around 8ml of Water drain out - not oil .... I might be keeping an eye on this - as I would not have expected so much water to drain out after such a small amount of km driven.


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            the bracket in the direction plus kit has changed for the 2018 Prado, as the 2018 model has a larger brake reservoir and it has moved more toward the guard, i have the prototype now fitted and it does not foul on anything contact them and see when the new brackets are available

            i have had the growl noise as well and will be trialing a HD spring for the pressure valve, once again from Direction plus


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              Photo would be exactly the same as post 1 above.


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                Hey Mate,
                I installed the exact same model in mine. it did the exact same thing, but the best news is. Super simple to fix.

                I found that the noise was the two valves flattering.
                Open the unit, remove the valves, it has a stem and a spring on it. Pull the spring off and stretch it a little. put it back together.

                That simple mate. It'll increase the resistance on the valves and stop the flutter, but wont stop them opening if something drastic happens.


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                  As above, you can stretch the spring on the crankcase pressure regulation valve, the lower one, not the one in the lid. There are a number of claws that hold the cap on which are easy to manipulate to get access. I purchased my Provent from Western Filters & they sent me a replacement spring which has been my permanent fix, no more noise at all.


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                    Can anyone advise how often you need to empty the catch can and how often you need to change the filter? I know this is different for all people and depends on driving style, oil type and ambient conditions. Also, how hard would it be to revert back to the original factory setup if you had to (for whatever the reason)?



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                      2 minutes to revert.... 1 min for each hose. As to the emptying mine seems to have about 10-20 ml in the hose only after 5000km. I plan to do the 2nd empty this weekend.


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                        Thanks 404Pug


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                          Hi team,
                          Iíve recently pensioned off the 2010 GXL and got a new VX. I got the Provent catch can from Western Filters and it now sits just inboard of the air filter instead of behind it. I did a trial fit this morning and Iím going to have to cut the hose that comes out of the breather on the top of the engine I think as it is way too long. Has anyone fitted the newer Western Filters arrangement please? Appreciate any install tips and pics.
                          2010 GXL Diesel, Cooper AT3's, TJM T13, Scanguage II, Sandgrabba's, Ridepro springs and shocks, dual battery, Icom 440N, Rhino pioneer tray...