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Help - are 3.0l OBDII PIDs for EGT the same as for the 2.8l?

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  • Help - are 3.0l OBDII PIDs for EGT the same as for the 2.8l?

    I have tried getting exhaust gas temperatures for a ~ 2013 3.0l diesel (1KD?) up on a Scangauge II but without success. I had presumed these standard OBDII PIDs (i.e 07DF-0178) and associated ScangaugeII commands would be the same as what works for my 2.8l 1GD but they don't appear to work.

    The PID's may either be different or the data not be available (having searched the site I cant find evidence either way), or perhaps I need to checking my inputs yet again!

    Does anyone perhaps have insights into this?

    Thanks in advance

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    I m thinking perhaps the data is unavailable via OBDII... my question then is how have others with the 1KD 3.0l managed to monitor EGTs?


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      At a guess, the data might be there if there is a thermocouple in the exhaust system, however I think they are only there if there is a DPF fitted. I don't think that model in Australia had a DPF. At least my 2012 1KD model didn't. Not sure if any of the 3 Litre models had a DPF or if they only came in with the 2.8L.

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        Thanks Prone, I suspect you are correct. It was my understanding of the 3.0l engine that the EGT and boost were of interest as they provided a lead indicator as to possible engine problems but my knowledge is limited in this regard. Presumably where EGTs have been monitored it must have been via aftermarket thermocouple and gauges installations.