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2010 Prado 150 d4d exhaust upgrage?

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  • 2010 Prado 150 d4d exhaust upgrage?

    hey guys,

    is it worth doing an exhaust upgrade on a 2010 150 d4d? if yes whats the best to go with and how much $ we looking at? car is completely stock with 160k on the clock wanting to last so not after gains that will hurt, cheers

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    in all honesty mate, go with whatever you can afford.
    It does make a big difference to both petrol and diesel, and if you budget go as far as 4wd supercenter, buy it, if is a legendex awesome, and the other more expensive brands again, go for it.
    You'll that no matter what brand you get, you'll get a goo improvement, and the differences between one brand and another is minimal.

    What isnt minimum is how much it'll set you back.
    could be cheaper if you fit it youself, or more expensive if you start playing with the layout and getting custom made parts.