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  • Dyno Tuning Recommendations.

    G'day all, First time poster, long time reader. I'm looking at getting a dyno tune(ecu flash) and new exhaust done in the not to distant future. Was wondering if anyone has been down this road and could point me in the right direction. I have been looking at Ultimate Diesel Tuning in Dandenong. Has anyone heard anything good/bad?

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    just need filter/snorkel and tune. people have said they get a 3hp gain from exhaust dont waste your money.


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      Don't need exhaust, factory system flows plenty.
      Mine was tuned by 1KD in Bundy, a bit far for you though.
      Goes like they should have from factory, you'll really notice the better response at moderate rpm.
      Lifts off at the lights with big toe on the accelerator, no need to tramp it, she just goes through the gears in a flash.
      Fuel economy is same or a touch better, hard to say.


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        Had mine done with a towing based tune and had the EGR deleted (via software) at the same time. Kept everything standard with exhaust etc. So much better to drive, more responsive and fuel slightly usage better. My recommendation is donít go overboard with the tune and keep it safe and fit a catch can.
        After seeing what comes out every 10k km definitely worth saving your inlet manifold of all that crap.


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