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Getting the best out of a D4D

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  • Getting the best out of a D4D

    Hi all

    Again, I know there's heaps of information out there but I would like to summarise a few things I've found whilst trawling the forums;

    Recently purchased a 2012 with 100k on the clock and want to keep it as reliable as possible. What I've read seems to be that a bad batch of fuel can throw the injectors out which is not ideal. So to combat this I'm going to put a secondary fuel filter with a water catcher on asap. I'm also looking at a catch can to join soon - I also believe you can electronically shut the EGR valve too? This will help get the inlet manifold as clean as possible.

    I won't bother with a tune or chip but I was a firm believer of easy in/easy out in my old car and had a snorkel and exhaust system which I think saved me ~2.5L/100km all combined (was an old petrol though). Most of the exhaust posts seem to be noise/performance related but have people found gains with fuel economy from an aftermarket exhaust system?

    Other than than I was going to grab a techstream and engine monitor to keep and eye on things. Anything I'm missing?


    White 2012 GXL with Sat nav and leather upgrade. Stock otherwise..

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    snorkel, ecu remap dyno tune, disable egr via ecu. dont bother with exhaust makes no difference. will be a totally new car


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      Cheers - yeah I've done some more reading and it looks like the reason why exhaust posts are for sound is that's about all they're good for haha.

      Will do some more research on a remap
      White 2012 GXL with Sat nav and leather upgrade. Stock otherwise..


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        PM sent


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          Exhausts supposed to give low down torque and allows boost to come on at slightly lower revs ? I think if done alone you donít see much difference but with a tune they should be able to tune it to give more boost as your able to push out hot Gases quicker

          i think people on here were saying something about removing one of the mufflers and putting a high flow and got gains ??

          usually on cars biggest restriction is the dump pipe though..ínot about the 3l d4d?