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Compression 3.0 Diesel, 2012ps y

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  • Compression 3.0 Diesel, 2012ps y

    Hi all,

    During the injector change a compression test was done on my 3.0l diesel engine. I would like to double check the values with you guys.
    Here they are:
    No 1: 20 kg/cm2 or about 280 psi
    No 2: 18 kg/cm2 or about 260 psi
    No 3: 18 kg/cm2 or about 260 psi
    No 4: 20 kg/cm or about 290 psi

    Are they ok? Alternatively I appreciate a hint where I can find the standard values. Could not find them in a google search. Thank you for your help.


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    My PDF shows minimum compression pressure of 27.5kg/cm2 or 390psi.
    Difference between cylinders of 5.0kg/cm2 or 70 psi max.
    Lots of factors when doing a compression test, battery condition, engine warm or hot, throttle plate fully open etc.
    Why were you concerned, blowing smoke, down on power?


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      The readings sound a bit low however the variation is only just over 10% from highest to lowest which is acceptable.
      I suspect that the gauge used is not accurate, if it is starting easily and not blowing smoke I would not be to concerned.

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        Thanks guys, I had a leaky injector and so heavy white smoke and a really ugly sound at one stage (before I turned the motor off immediately). Just want to find out if the motor is still good. Cheers guys