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    Hi, 2010 Kakadu Prado, 260kms and hole in cylinder.

    I see from this forum that this problem is not as uncommon as I would have thought.

    We have owned the Prado from new, and regularly serviced by Toyota. It has quite a few scratches/minor dents etc from off roading so I suspect it would be at the lower range of any values if we were to sell it.

    What are our options to get the engine repaired/replaced? Or is it just best to sell the car as is, and take whatever we get and buy another car? Is it worthwhile to get engine replaced, and then sell it given the potentially low value of the car?


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    Hi Jack75, sorry i'm not putting forward solutions here but would be interested in history of your engine, I have the same year with slightly less kms. Did it have chip/tune, new injectors at all, any other mods? My injectors are still well in spec but thinking of changing anyway to be safe.


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      IMO selling as is will mean a very low price so perhaps wrecking it might be a better option if you able. Conversely if your happy with Prado and the only reason to change is the blown motor definitely investigate engine rebuild/replace options. Repairing then selling would mean repairing at minimal cost to prevent over capitalizing.
      If you buy a "new" used vehicle you have the unknowns of maintenance, general condition and how long will you keep it. If you have modded your existing Prado then you may need to start again which can add extra expense.

      Perhaps create a Pros and Cons sheet to evaluate if you want to keep the Kakadu or would have been upgrading soon regardless of the engine issue. Based on that investigate your options with a clear result in mind. If it was a weekend tourer not a daily driver I would most likely look into repair as I felt more relaxed off-roading in my old 90 as opposed to the new 150, one doesn't mind damaging a panel or two in a 10 year old car as much as a 10 month old one.
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        What was the outcome of this. New motor / rebuild/ sold ...?
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          OP has never signed in again after his one post. Suspect no answer will be forthcoming.


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            If I were in the OP shoes, I'd be looking for a donor engine from a vehicle that was written off in an accident.