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P0400 after 7mm hole plate

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  • P0400 after 7mm hole plate

    Hello from the "other side of the world"(Finland).

    I have a Prado 2012 150 with D4D. Few weeks ago I did the EGR clean and installed a plate with 7mm hole. In my car the EGR was electronic so I had to take the egr cooler off so I could get the elbow removed and cleaned. When the EGR cooler was in my hand I noticed there was a little crack in the weld of the bybass tube where some of the exhaust gases had been leaking out.
    Since I was going to but the plate in anyway I figured I will not do anything to the crack.

    After the EGR clean everything was okay until one day after the car had been on idle for a quite long time I got the code P0400. The code has come up in maybe 4 times in this past 1.5monts even tough the car is driven every day.

    Is it possible that because of the leak from the egr cooler bybass tube + 7mm plate, there is not enough gas flowing and that will give the P0400 code?
    Or what could be the cause of the code?

    Attached the Freeze frame data.
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