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150 Petrol smoking on start up

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  • 150 Petrol smoking on start up

    Hi All,
    I have a ongoing problem with a 2010 petrol that I think has developed due to bad service history. So the story goes, My wife advised me that the prado was blowing excessive smoke during a routine run around, I checked it out on returning to find the oil level was extremely low which surprised me as i am quite vigilant on that stuff. After refilling oil levels etc I found the smoking no longer existed while driving but appeared only on start up and quite heavy. The mechanical advice i received was of two opinions, 1/ Valve stem seals were leaking. 2/ Piston rings worn. The car has done 150 km by the way.
    So into the workshop heads off for a recondition and then also advised by the head guys that it could be rings so decided to get the mechanic to do the rings while it was in bits.
    Put all back together. lots of sludge (hence the bad service history theory) lots of cleaning, but on start up next day, shock,horror, lots of smoke !!
    The mechanical advice i received from workshop then was " buggered if know" which was also the advice from the local Toyota dealer who are always quite helpful and did take time to access the situation with two workshop staff but were scratching there heads.
    Just replaced the PCV Valve which seemed clogged but made no difference. Could installing a catch can be the answer???
    I am at a dead end with this and not sure which way to go in search of this cause now !!!! So I am putting it out there to you guys in hope someone may have an idea or info that could help.
    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    150 Petrol smoking on start up

    What colour smoke?

    Does it have any oil consumption since rebuild?

    Was the engine removed to re-ring and heads it done in car?

    Was all sludge removed and galleries flushed?

    Are you 110% sure correct rings installed and installed correctly? Eg gaps not lined up etc.


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      1/ blue grey
      2/ yes does seem to be using oil but was prior to problem which I'm told is normal
      3/ yes, engine removed, don't think you can remove pistons from below. (Not sure what you mean re heads)
      4/ according to mechanics they spent a lot of time cleaning sludge from engine. Heads were spotless after recon
      5/ I'm confident the mechanics offset ring gaps as they did mention that to me. We had to wait for rings so assume they are correct, have to trust the mechs I guess

      Cheers Piggy, hope that helps


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        The v6 shouldn't be using oil. Unless it has a problem.
        Smoke colour does sound like it might be oil related.

        Might be worth having another mechanic do a compression test and also a leak down. Just to see if there is an issue with the new rings.


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          Yep, I agree with the compression test and has been suggested to me before. It cant be valve related i know those guys did a good job and mentioned the seals weren't in that bad shape so they suggested i look at the rings.
          What are your thoughts on installing a catch can to rule out oil getting back through the inlet side ??? The mechanics suggested it might be worth it but others reckon if the motor is good it shouldn't make any difference, especially a petrol.
          I will organise that compression test and let you know

          Cheers Piggy, thanks for your reply


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            150 Petrol smoking on start up

            I'd be having another mechanic look at it.
            They don't need catch cans if there is no issue normally.

            A leak down will also test valves etc. there's always a chance they screwed the pooch on something. It's happened before. Even the self proclaimed best mechanics make mistakes sometimes.
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              booked in for both tests ill let you know the results


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                do a compression test and a leakage test

                blue smoke to me sounds ring related, ie oil getting past em

                good luck and keep us informed


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                  How did you go/


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                    Ok I'm back, sorry about the delay but happy to say i have fixed the problem thanks to a blog on Whirlpool I came across posted by a guy named BrendonM who i reckon is a legend now!!

                    So what was happening is the bad service history slugged the motor as we know, rebuild cleaned most of the engine but not the baffle plates in the rocker covers.
                    I'm sure the apprentice thought he did a great job and when i removed them they were spotless, but the baffle plates which are fixed and not removable and pretty tight to the rocker covers get slugged as well.
                    This causes the oil to get trapped in there, probably under pressure as it cant flow through or out and when you stop the car and switch off some of that oil flows or gets into the PCV valve which the baffles are there to protect from happening and makes its way into the intake waiting for the next start up and cloud of smoke.

                    I pulled the covers off and used 1/2 dozen cans of degreaser and some whipper snipper line to get in behind the plates and worked out heaps of oil sludge and crap to clear the flow. Put back together and not a breath of smoke since....... F#*@N ECSTATIC.

                    So hope that helps if your getting the same issue , could save you a rebuild $$$ Just cant understand why even the Toyota service guys and lots of mechanics had no idea of this??

                    Good wealth and good health