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2012 Prado V6 using 91/92 RON?

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  • 2012 Prado V6 using 91/92 RON?

    Question: I am looking at buying a 2012 Prado V6, the owner says he has always used 91/92 octane unleaded, though the V6 is recommended for 95 octane, will this have caused a problem to the engine?

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    Not at all, it will lower the power output of the engine if you use those fuels. The engine is E10 compatible - there is a sticker that states this on the inside of the refueling flap.
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      The V6 in the 150's has slightly higher compression than the same engine in the 120 series, so hence it lists 95 as the recommended fuel. It will run fine on 91 and probably E10, but you will get more benefit using 95. I bet 99% of people run 91 or E10 anyway and have no clue about the compression ratio.
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        lower RON fuels are fine, worse fuel economy and power will be the side effects of lower grade fuel. Engine is fine on it.


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          I agree. Won't have done any damage, but engine wouldn't have been running to its full potential.