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Full exhaust off the shelf?

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  • Full exhaust off the shelf?

    Is there anything other than Beaudeserts 3k system? (3k for coated extractors and in stainless)

    I've had custom done before front to back for much less but wanted to see if there was something off the shelf I could fit myself. Extractors are easy to find but that's not going to give the full gain available.

    For those who have done it, did you have to do anything special wth cats/o2 sensors? It looks like the car has 4 cats in total? Is that correct?


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    Here's what I've dug up so far.

    Basically, there's nothing off the shelf except the Beaudesert system so I'll piece something together myself.

    Extractors are easy enough to get, Pacemaker do those but I'll have to get them coated myself.

    Scots Rods tells me a King Brown cat back is the same for 150s so I'll look into that and see if that will work on a V6.

    That would leave the Y pipe and the cats to sort. I'm being given conflicting info about whether or not high flow cats, with the sensors still in the right spots, will throw check engine lights or not. It doesn't mak emuch sense to do extractors, cat back, and leave the stock cats in place to me.


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      4wd sup centra do one with muffer del as well steel or stainless


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        Did see that -

        And I assume V6 would be the same at that point in the exhaust, but it's designed to work with their full system which is diesel specific.

        I'm waiting on a local guy to come back with a quote. He'd actually done a few before, gave me some advice and was happy to discuss it. He was the first to go "ahh yeah, same engine as the FJ cruiser".

        I reckon it can be done or under 2k fitted (aluminsed system, coated extractors, twin 2.5" into single 2.5" and associated cats mufflers). Beaudesert, with 20% off this month is 2.1-2.2k and i would have to fit it myself.