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Oil filter cartridge location

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  • Oil filter cartridge location

    Where is the oil filter location on a 2016 Kakadu please?

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    My 2013 V6 petrol cartridge filter is located at the front bottom of the engine, if you get a torch you can see it clearly looking from under the bonnet on the drivers side. Only access is from underneath, you will have to remove the front skid plate to get at it. Have a look oil changes on later model FJ Cruisers on YouTube as they are located in the same place, earlier ones have the traditional spin-on type filter mounted at the top of the engine not the cartridge type.

    Its actually not as bad to change as it first appears, just be careful with the plastic housing as they look pretty easy to break, buy the correct tool to undo it.
    Also pay attention to the placement of the large O ring as it sits in a groove not at the bottom of the threaded section.

    Hope this helps



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      Everything Mick said was bang on. I will only add that there is a knack to getting the oil filter drain tool into the housing, seated nicely, to drain the cartridge housing so wear gloves/have rags handy and have a drip pan underneath. Sometimrs it goes in nice and square, sometimes it locks in on a funny angle and oil comes out in 2 spots. Your mileage may vary

      Easy change to do.