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  • Buying used Prado


    New to this forum and can’t find an answer on this.

    im looking at purchasing a 2012 V6 Prado and I’m looking at one that’s not been serviced for 2 years.

    Im looking at the following 2 and would love people’s perspectives

    - 2012 V6 81,000 kms - haven’t seen the service history but I do know that the last service is late - they haven’t serviced for 2 years as they don’t do much driving due to the Melbourne lockdowns.
    - 2012 V6 153,000 kms - located at car yard - service book looks great and they offer 175,000 kms and 5 years warranty.

    what would you choose?


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      The low km one but get it serviced asap and especially get the engine oil flushed.


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        Both are low kms & you won’t have any trouble with the petrols. Whichever one is in better condition for the relative price I’d go for. With the 81,000km one that hadn’t been serviced in 2yrs due to covid... 9,000km on average for each year is lowish. If it’s done less than 20,000km during the last 2yrs without being serviced I’d have no problem with that. And it would’ve done less than 20,000km for sure. If you’re not going to keep the car to the point where it’s going to reach 400,000km then not a problem at all.
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