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Indash GPS recommendation for 150 series GX D4D (2012 build date)

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  • Indash GPS recommendation for 150 series GX D4D (2012 build date)


    I would like to install a 2 DIN stereo, CD with GPS into my 150 series Prado GX. I would be swapping out the OEM stereo unit.
    My preference is one that runs on WinCE and has a micro SD slot from which I can run OziExplorer CE. Also would like AV input to take a rear view camera.
    Recommendations would be appreciated.


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    My favourite subject again, I am waiting for my warranty to run out on my 2015 GXL before I change my head unit. Personally I would prefer android as WinCE is quite old now.
    There are a few threads about different head units. This one mentions a 12.1 inch screen. This one is an older thread but I think the owner was pleased with his new unit.
    Please do post what you decide to go for as I am very interested in your opinion of it. My preferred option would be the 12.1 inch screen version but I have been unable to find much information about it. The link given is a closed Facebook group and the Chinese manufacturers don't inspire much confidence if you ask them any questions about their products.