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LED light bar fitment on prado 150

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  • LED light bar fitment on prado 150

    the front mouth of the front bar is 900mm. I have a 800mm wide LED bar to place in the area. Is that too wide as i may be blocking air coming in or it shoulnt be an issue?the mouth height is 80mm and the bar is 50mm. TIA

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    Itíll fit..! Airflow loss can be a concern, keep an eye on your temp gauge, better yet if you have a scan gauge type setup, youíll be able to see the coolant temp in real time.
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      My coolant usually sits at around 90 (AT temp at 95) degrees with my spotties on there which are dual 9 inch ones from kings pretty much directly blocking my rad. This seems hot to me however it doesn't seem to be bothered by the heat and the temp gauge never goes above halfway.


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        your temp gauge is a new dum guage, it wont go above half way till its boiling then it will just go to full

        it might as well just be a light either on for boiling or off for anything under


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          Yeah, I guess the main difference is that new cars seem to run happily at that temp- An old GQ/ GU with a TD would be on the way to a cooked motor with those numbers. I'm not really sure what tempreture the AT is supposed to run at, but obviously since the cooler pipes run through the rad I'd would have expected them to be similar?


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            IMHO, that position is too low for a light bar.
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