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Driving lights and air flow

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  • Driving lights and air flow

    I am considering putting large driving lights on the Bullbar. As I live in a hot and humid climate my concern is that I will be blocking air flow at low speeds and idle.

    Are my concerns valid? Or am I worried about nothing?

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    I have heard people say not to get spotties because of blocking airflow, but there are plenty of vehicles getting around with them and havenít seen anything in my research that shows itís a major issue. I think I have a similar setup (well bullbar at least) that you are getting and havenít had an issue, well in the 20k km I have done. I actually asked the ARB guys about it because my father in law was bani g on about it and they mentioned the strip across the middle front of the bar was a vent area to let air through. Donít know if it was just sales talk but I imagine they would do plenty of research when designing the bar.
    i guess spots will block some air but it would still flow around them and go through to the radiator.

    i would have thought there would be less of a problem at slow speeds and none at idle because there would be no flow of air anyway.


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      The fan draws air through the radiator.
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