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ARB Bar respray

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  • ARB Bar respray

    Ive got a 2015 gxl with a new Arb Bullbar. I was thinking of ordering some side rails to get fitted in the next few weeks when I have some money!
    I recently saw a hilux with a grey hammer tone Bullbar & really liked the look of it.
    Would it be possible to have my bar resprayed to achieve the hammertone look? Or would the cost outweigh the practicality of having it done?
    Iím located in tamworth if anyone has recommendationís not too far away

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    Call local powdercoaters/panelbeaters for a quote (go to a few). To do it properly you should have the original sandblasted back to ensure the best adhesion of the paint, otherwise you might find it starts flaking/chipping in the future.
    Cost wise I'm not 100% sure but I can't see it being less than about $600 to sandblast and spray so it's just whether or not you think that's worth it
    <Rob> '12 Prado GX -


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      Son just got a price to blast/powder coat in black, the ARB bar on his Navara, $450. I thought that was pretty good. (Gladstone)


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        yeah about the right prices for the same work here in perth. Make sure they undercoat it though. Spoke to a few guys that do powdercoating and they said alot of cheaper guys arent undercoating the steel. it'll rust and flake off in about 5 years.