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Register - Rood Side Air Outlet Vents Prado Model 150 - Help sought about fitting fitting new one

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  • Register - Rood Side Air Outlet Vents Prado Model 150 - Help sought about fitting fitting new one

    Hi all,

    has anyone had their roof vents mounts break? - that is one of my roof vents fell out, and on closer look the bracket that the adjustable vent fits into - one of the holes is broken.
    When you look at the mounting frame, the hole in the end towards the front of the vehicle is round, the other end (towards the rear) looks hexagon (actually has 7 sides), the plastic frame is flimsy and looks as though the pressure of daily using the vent is enough that eventually the mounts break and the vent falls out.

    Attached is 2 photo's, one being the frame where the 7 sides hole is broke, and the other is the vent with matching 7 side key.

    Has anyone experienced the problem?
    Has anyone changed one of these mounting frames?
    Is it an easy job?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Prado 150 Roof vent frame rear vehicle side Corresponding keyway to suit.

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    Looks like its had an impact more than worn out. New one from partsouq or amayama and clip it in. nothing hard about the job.


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      Had the same thing happen to mine- I'm pretty sure nothing hit it as I've got no kids but the dirt roads probably don't do it any good either. Refer to Piggys post for solution.


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        I just found this post as mine has broken. In my case I believe it was child assisted although it doesn't look too sturdy. I got a quote for the part from Toyota for $95. I figure with these things most of the price is the inconvenience of stocking and selling and about $1 covers the manufacture.
        How did you get on with the fitting? I ask as I'm a bit wary of having a crack without knowing how solidly fixed the holder is - that bit seemed weakly constructed but tightly fitted.


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          Same happened to me. Kids knocked it out and broke the edge of flimsy plastic frame.
          Toyota quoted around $100 for parts and around $500 for installation as it apparently requires removal of the roof lining.


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            Honestly with prices like that it's a wonder they don't keep a defibrillator in the service department to jump start you after you have a heart attack from looking at the quote.


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              Hi, fitting was a piece of cake, just take note of the markings on the edges, and the direction of the air scoop on the one you removed, it is easier to remove the surround once the broken grill is removed. Try Amayama for the parts, I think they were $42 + $15 freight, part number for a grey version middle row passenger side is 6298560021B0.
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