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Problems with unlocking of car

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  • Problems with unlocking of car

    Hi guys, this is my first ever post and I need some advise if anyone can help.
    I've recently purchased a 2010 prado glx diesel. Great car and had no issues for the last 3 weeks.
    however just a couple of days ago, something is not working right with locking function.

    Whenever I lock my car now, either with the remote or using the sensor on the handle, the car still locks but I dont get the 1 beep and the 1 flash of the lights which you normally gets when you lock the car.
    I still get the 2 beeps and 2 flashes of the light when I unlock the car. It's only the locking that seems to have lost the beep and light flash.
    Just to add to the problem, at the same time, my unlock button at the back of the car is not working either. That is the button on the back door next to when the rego plate is

    Does anyone have the same experience? Could it be due to a blown fuse or have I accidentally did something wrong to turn it off?
    Or is it just a defect with the electric?

    it's just strange that the back lock button malfunction at the same time the beeping sound and flashing lights are not present when I lock.
    I still have the 3 months statutory warranty but I'll try not to bring it back if it's a simple fix.

    Any advice will be much appreciated.

    Thanks guys.

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    Could the back door or another door be ajar or the switch have dislodged? Maybe it thinks the door is open and can't lock it for some reason.

    Most systems have a warning to let you know this on lock where it will not respond to locking or tries to but gives you a different indication.


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      I don't think so. It locks and unlocks perfectly, apart from not having a locking beep and hazard light flash when I lock, mechanically it works fine.
      I'm suspecting the back door switch might be dislodged as well.


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        Maybe it is the switch - could be that it's 2 switches in one, one for locking system and one for the warning system (dash light).

        You could 'simulate' the door by pressing with various degrees of hardness on the switch and seeing if that solves it - if so you just need a new switch hopefully.