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Best rear drawers for 2017 GXL

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  • Best rear drawers for 2017 GXL

    Hi Everyone,

    I am looking at getting some drawers to replace the 3rd row of seats but canít decide between 3 brands. Drifta looks very good but does come with a cage and isnít crash tested, MSA again no cage but has been crash protected and Fourby fitouts touring setup which is a very good set up isnít crash tested but comes with a cage.
    I have listed them in order of cost with Drifta being about $2500 including fridge slide. MSA is about $3300 for the same two drawer setup and fridge slide and then the Fourby fit out is $4200 but has much more storage.

    Firstly I am after quality usability and ease of removal as I still sometimes need the 3rd row of seats (once a year). Cost come second.

    can I please get some feedback from people that have experience with any of these brands?


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    I think they will all be a mission to remove of needing the rear seats, have you thought about making a false floor with draws on it your self that you can remove ? And attach it to the tie down points on rear of third row seats so your not removing the seats completely itís a lot more weight but may be easier ??


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      I already have that set up but want more storage and the seat take up a lot of room and extra weight. Removing the seat doesnít take that long and there are plenty of places to get the instructions on how to do it.


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        I have a Drifta setup with a Kaon Pet Barrier. We only keep sleeping bags and clothes on top. It comes with a false floor, held down by the 8 bolts that normally hold the seats in place. It takes my about an hour to switch from rear seats in to drawers in. I don't always put the plastic facia parts back in place with the seats - too lazy. The advantage with the Drifta, is that he makes to your spec. I got 2 left hand drawers with the handy table in between (which forms a shelf when half pulled out). The right side is my fridge slide.
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