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  • Navigation app disappeared

    I just purchased a used GX 2014. It had the navigation app when I pulled out of the yard and it was working.

    When I got home I paired it with my phone. It asked me to download the latest update for the head unit. So I did that and the navigation and nearest fuel apps have now disappeared. Is this to be expected? How do I get them back?

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    When you connected your phone was it able to connect to the internet and actually download and install the update correctly? It is such a long time since I used a factory head unit that I cant remember how the update works so my question may not be much help. It does sound like something went wrong with downloading and installing the updates though? The android unit that I have now needs the phone to be set as a wifi hotspot to connect to the internet, but the factory unit may not be the same.


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      Yeah basically connect my phone. On the head unit it prompted me to download the update. Clicked ok and it used my phone's data to download the update. Applied it and then my two apps disappeared.


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        What make of head unit do you have? I thought that the GX did not come with navigation as standard, hopefully someone will chip in and tell us.
        I don't know if you have searched the forum for navigation issues, it is my favourite topic to moan about. I was so appalled at the out of date maps and expense of "new" ones (that were two years old) that I fitted a Chinese aftermarket unit. There are many posts on here about it.
        I seem to remember that some factory head units could be modified to included navigation but Toyota stopped this around 2015 so your unit may be able to be modified perhaps? you may have inadvertently reverted to standard software by upgrading?


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          Is there an update on the O.S on GX 2014 this year???

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