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  • Is it normal ??

    Gday all
    First time Prado owner here and first post on this forum.

    We’ve just taken delivery of our 2009 150 GXL V6 Petrol from interstate . Had vehicle mechanical inspection prior to purchase which came back ok , and have also just had it serviced and looked over by my mechanic here in Adelaide . All came back ok apparently.
    However I’m not sure if I’m overthinking it all , but after driving it the last couple of days I’ve noticed that there’s a very faint whistle/whining sort of noise when I accelerate which goes away when I’m coasting and not accelerating. I’ve also noticed that under harder acceleration even up to just 60km i can feel slight vibration through the pedal and the steering wheel....

    Again being a first time 4WD owner I’m not sure if this is normal or not , or a common issue with the V6 Petrol. Bear in mind though that it’s a 2009 with 202,000km - so maybe it’s common wear and tear on certain components for a 4WD ???

    Again no idea never having owned one before .

    Im just not sure if there’s an underlying issue that isn’t necessarily picked up by a mechanic when doing a “regular service “
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    The wheel vibration could be tyre wear requiring a wheel alignment as the whistle no idea .Worn shock absorbers can cause vibrations as well as the your CV joints


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      Thanks Toyotoy
      Appreciate your feedback


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