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Reverse Camera Modifications - for ease of use

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    I have this at the front of my 2012 gxl.

    You can ask any Autobarn or SCA stores to order it in for you, part number is Aerpro G35VSN!
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      Rear Camera relocation

      I made a arm out of 2.6mm alloy sheet, it bolts on to side of Cmar rear bracket extension, two bolts on side and one inside using holes in Cmar 390 long x 50H x50W and kinked at end this allows the camera to be centeral to vehicle, and driectly above the tow ball. to hold the camera i bent a bit of alloy removed the OME garding and fitted, the bolt on side at the back allows vertical alignment if needed.
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        Hi All,

        As i have a Kakadu and assumed that the wiring was different, so i decided to do some testing of different wires, in order to get this mod working. I'm glad to report that it was a success and now have a switchable rear camera. I used a 2 position switch and ran the wire as per the first page of this thread, with a little difference. Remove the bottom Plug from the Screen unit and looking directly at it;

        - The third port from the top left is the Blue Ignition power wire - I spliced into this and ran a wire to L1 on the switch
        - The fourth port from the bottom left is the Camera pickup wire - I cut this and ran the source end from the camera to L2 on the switch. The Screen end of this wire then runs to the COM terminal on the switch.

        Hope this makes sense to everyone.

        2012 Kakadu V6 - Graphite, Opposite Lock Bar, Hella Rallye 4000, GME 3440, Scangauge, Featherlite Awning, TG150 Guard, Traxide UC160 Dual Battery system and 2 Yellowtop batts, Safari Snorkel, Bushskinz bash plates, 2" suspension lift, 3D mats
        Mods to come - Front locker, Runva 11XP winch, 265/65R18


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          The photos are out of focus, what do I do to be able to see them?