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Air Compressor Under Passenger Seat

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  • Air Compressor Under Passenger Seat

    Afternoon All,
    Well after another productive weekend i'm able to tick another item off the to do list wall.
    I finally got round to installing the ARB twin compressor under the seat.

    Didnt take many pictures of the install process but heres the end result.

    I used a piece of Aluminium i had left over from the rear door table I did last week and once i had the seat out trimmed it size to fit within the sides of the seat frame. This meant that I could use loc-nuts and bolts installed from the outside facing in. I had to move the airbag and seat use cables to stop them getting pinched between the wire seat springs and the aluminium plate.

    Another offcut was used to make a bracket for the hose connection and keeps in nice and high and out of the way,

    The switches were custom made from fleabay and have worked a treat.

    I was really surprised about how good the install went once I got started. took a day and a bit, but you'd never know it was there until you flick the switch.

    On a side note, the misses loved the install. She said the vibrations in the seat are pretty intense, but since it was completed, shes been in and out of the car all day checking to see if it works. She must love the car almost as much as me now, she comes outta the shed with a huge smile on her face.


    Hope the weekend was good for you all.


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    Bahahahaha. Pro tip to get the misses loving your car. Great stuff Nelly.
    150 GXL - ARB bar, Winch, 9" spots, rhino rack, 32" LED bar, Snorkel, 2" lift, AT's, Dual batts, UHF, 40L fridge, KAON cargo barrier - rear door table


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      Your brave mounting it there, she might leave you and take the car with her if your not careful. No more flat tyres or AA batteries


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        Hi mate,

        I am looking at installing the twin under the passenger seat as well, although mine are electric. Did you fit the locker solenoid kit as well?
        How did you route the battery cable?