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  • Originally posted by Fred63 View Post
    just put the Dobbinsons MRR on. with their springs
    very happy so far
    on and off road is great
    Can you give an indication on price installed?


    • Originally posted by Black150 View Post
      OME BP-51. Has performed well in all situations.
      Can you give an indication on price installed?


      • I think I'm about to get this Dobinsons kit (40mm lift) installed:

        - Front: C59-352 springs (50-100Kg), IMS59-50700 internal monotube
        - Rear: C59-327 springs (100-300Kg), IMS59-50701 internal monotube

        The main weight I have: TJM outback steel bullbar, dual battery, Drifta drawers (and I leave a bit of hear in them) in the back. No winch. Also: roof rack, stainless steel water tank at back, steel side steps.

        Before I buy, I thought I'd see if anyone will tell me I'm making a mistake? :-)

        I know the Bilstein/Dobinson combo is the favourite, but I like the idea of getting it done at the one place, and the Dobinsons in Adelaide seems well regarded.

        I was also thinking of OME too, but Dobinsons seems to have a better suited package.

        This is the Dobinsons catalogue for the Prado:



        • Hey Grinbot
          I've got nearly the same set-up as you in terms of accessories (no water tank or side steps) and I put the same Dobinsons kit you've listed in a couple of years ago. Haven't looked back, it's perfect for my needs. I found that before I installed some (Drifta) drawers it was a bit of a rough ride when unloaded, but when there's gear in the back it settles really nicely and the ride is great.
          If I had my time again i'd install the same. That's my two cents anyway.


          • Thanks TuesdayMarky, that is music to my ears.


            • Originally posted by SouthernLights View Post

              Can you give an indication on price installed?
              Over 3k from memory, but I was getting a lot of work done at the same time so the figure could be wrong.