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Can FJ Shocks and coils go into 2010 GX Prado 150 Diesel

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  • Can FJ Shocks and coils go into 2010 GX Prado 150 Diesel

    I think this may have been covered some years ago but does anyone know if its possible to fit 2013 front and rear FJ Cruiser shocks and coils into A 150 series Prado diesel.

    It appears from the database that the lengths vary only slightly, the weights of both vehicles are similar so im guessing the dampening rate would be pretty much the same. Is it at all possible to do this or is it a waste of time?

    Appreciate any thoughts or input. Cheers

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    What is the reason for doing this? Prado springs have sagged?

    Are you swapping factory suspension?

    I believe the Prado front end is heavier. The rear is also heavier compared to single fuel tank FJs.
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      Springs have not sagged as far as I can tell. My front shocks are getting a little tired, and a friend of mine has his factory shocks from his FJ pulled out at new. So they’ve been sitting idle for a few years but are new and I thought a cheaper alternative than doing the total lift of around $2000 and I want to do.

      I guess it’s better to wait until I have the funds for the right stuff as you’re right in saying that the Prado rear and would be much heavier.

      however, if my shocks are old do you think the FJ shocks would still provide a little more support than the old Prado ones?


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        The part numbers for example with OME gear are common across both vehicles however the load ratings for Spring will vary eg what is considered a heavy duty Spring on the fj maybe a medium duty on Prado.
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