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how to tell if 2015 suspension is stock

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  • how to tell if 2015 suspension is stock

    Hi all

    Just bought a 2015 2.8L prado from car yard. It has some mods already but the saleman was less than helpful with what. It looks like it was set up as a tourer and then traded in. Has Redarc dual battery system, AT tyres and ARB bull bar/ driving lights and obviously also had fridge etc in boot.

    I am 99% sure it is stock suspension but is there a way of telling? It is clearly not any that are coloured like OME or Dobinsons. The shocks are black with a white square with 41 and a qr code on them. The springs are just black with no writing at all.

    If needed can take photo too.


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    Measure from the bottom of the rim to under the guard front and rear. Like this...

    And post the measurements, front stock is 750, rear stock is 780 with 17" wheels. If it has stock suspension with those accessories front will be below 750. Then post pics of the suspension. Is it a GX, GXL, VX or Kakadu?

    Sounds stock but the previous owner may have painted things.
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      Ask the previous owner, never buy a second hand vehicle without talking to the previous owner , if dealer won't give you their details walk away


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        Good advice... too late now...

        Mjrandom - It is a GXL. Distance is 740mm at the front. 780mm at the back. I think its stock. Thanks for the advice.


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          Stock on those figures


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            Scan the qr code?