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Bilstein 2" lift recommendations for diesel 150

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  • Bilstein 2" lift recommendations for diesel 150

    Hi all,

    I bought my used Prado KDJ150 GX with ultima shocks and stock springs by the looks of it. I don't think the current suspension is appropriate for my rig so I want to install a decent 2" lift kit.

    I have an ARB steel bar and second battery (20kg) in the bonnet. NO winch.
    As I'm travelling around Australia the back is fully loaded with Fridge, drawers and camping gear (rooftop tent too) and I'm sitting at GVM, i.e. a total car weight of about 3t. I want the suspension to cater for this. After reading lots of discussions here on pradopoint and at the FJ cruiser forum and talking to a few sales reps I came up with the following two options:

    Front: Bilstein BE5-A712 / KTFR-101H (or KTFR-101HD)
    Back: Bilstein BE5-A715 / KTRR-102HD

    I can get a good price on that combo and it seems to be quite common. However, it appears to make sense to get longer travel shocks that provide more droop and articulation on a lifted vehicle:

    Front: Bilstein BE5-D563
    Rear: Bilstein 24-217897

    Now, some people recommend dropping the front diff with the BE5-D563. I mostly worry about CV binding, as I understand that could have severe consequences. The diff drop kits I've seen online are simple spacers that go between the front two differential mounts and the crossmember. They are cheap and look like they're easy to install. Any issues with these? Are there better options for the Prado 150?

    I read that the upper ball joint can bind at ~ 573 mm in the FJ Cruisers, which I understand have the same IFS geometry as the Prado 150. So the longer BE5-D563 (with 575mm open length) could hit that. Any comments on that?

    For the rear, both shock options have longer closed lengths (378mm/380mm) than factory (363mm). Should the rear bumpstop be spaced down ~15mm?

    Curious to hear about people's setups, experience, satisfaction, issues with various Bilstein shocks in the 150 and thankful for any suggestions.
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    Hi I am getting the same suspension set up installed on Monday. Did you drop the diff? and did you notice any of the problems you mentioned.



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      The BE5-D563 / 24-217897 with King springs aocc? I have been busy with other things so I haven't ordered yet, but I think I'll be going with Zordo's Bilstein / Dobinson springs kit which uses the BE5-D563 at the front and 24-217897 at the back for maximum suspension travel. He has been recommended by many people in this forum and I had a chat to him on the phone, he seems very knowledgeable and competent. He didn't think that the IFS ball joints would be an issue or that a diff drop was absolutely necessary.

      There doesn't appear to be a consensus on the diff drop, so I think you do it if you want to err on the side of caution or leave it if you can't be bothered Diff drop should be quite easy to install after the suspension upgrade anyway, so I'm going to have a look at it once the car is lifted and decide then.


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        I had the Bilstein/Dobinson combo fitted this week. Also had airbags fitted with the rear springs as they are a slightly softer spring so as not to compromise too much on everyday ride comfort. So far it fantastic. No harsh ride and it now goes where I point it! Should be a dream off road too. Only about a 40mm lift so shouldn't need a diff drop.
        Paul at 4WD direct was a huge help in the set up after talking to me about my needs. It was he who suggested the Dobinson's because of their spring rating.