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2 inch lift: do I need new upper control arms?

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  • 2 inch lift: do I need new upper control arms?

    Hi guys,

    I'm in the process of getting quotes for a 2" lift on my 2016 Prado VX. TJM insist I'll need new upper control arms (using Blackhawk UCA), Pride Auto (local fitters) say they're not necessary.

    Any thoughts on who's right?

    Many thanks


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    Not needed with 50mm lift.. There will be hundreds on here with 50mm lifts with no issues with either cv angles or getting correct suspension settings.


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      I've got a 50 mm Old Man Emu kit on my 2018 Prado. No replacement upper control arms. It's great. The fitters did say it was near the limit of adjust-ability.

      Personally, I try to keep as much as possible of the Prado stock - so I would be inclined to not replace the UCAs unless really necessary.


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        Ok great, that's a big saving. I had read that uneven tyre wear could be an issue if they're not changed, but I assume a wheel alignment post-lift will help prevent this?

        One other thing -- are there KDSS-specific OME springs and shocks I need to use? I've been quoted the Nitrocharger Sport shock, not the BP-51.

        Thanks again.


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          Definitely get a wheel alignment after the upgrade. I haven't had any uneven wear and I've got almost 50,000km on my BFG KO2s.

          I'm not sure about the KDSS-specific springs.

          I have the Nitrocharger shocks. BP-51 are probably a waste of money unless you are pushing hard on the corrugations. Remote reservoir -- just more things to break.


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            Leave the wheel alignment for a week or 2 after fitting to allow everything to settle. I have has 50mm lifts on both a 120 and a 150 and have had no cv issues or uneven wear.


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