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  • Tyre dilemma

    I am getting a brand new LC Prado (2018) in a couple of days, but it comes with 19" wheels and some crappy tyres. I have to put some decent AT tyres but neither BFG nor Maxxis make anything AT for 19". I realize that I might have to go down to 18" or even 17", but it is not so easy where I live (EU). I used to have LC80, now the Prado is kind of new territory for me. But I live in the mountains, so easy to moderate off-road capability is a must. I don't really know if it is achievable at all with 19" wheels... Any input and suggestions would be welcome.

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    Are you sure they are 19"? I have a VX and they're 18". Thought the Kakadu was also 18".
    Did the dealer put something silly on? There are a number of options for the 18" wheels.


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      Over here in the EU we get 19" wheels on the prado for some stupid reason while countries like Aus gets 18"
      I've spoken to a local dealer here and they said that they can swap it over to 18" when I enquired about it, its worth contacting them and see what they can do.


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        Ah. Right.
        I was looking at another vehicle not long ago with 19" and 20" wheels.
        We had almost nothing in Aus for that offroad, but the US have some.. Try tire rack and see if they have options, then you might be able to track them down locally. I recall that I found BFG's in 20" but limited sizes...