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2011 Prado - factory mags - grey (not standard silver)???

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  • 2011 Prado - factory mags - grey (not standard silver)???


    I have recently purchased my first Prado. Loving it!

    My question is, are my mags factory standard - ie, did they come out in this grey colour? Or is this an after market spray job?

    The reason being, I need to get a new centre cap for the rear left (it is currently just glued in), yet my local Toyota parts department have "never seen this colour" and can only order the standard silver cap.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey Leon, congratulations on your new Prado. They look stock to me, but its a bit hard to see. How about you take one of the caps off and compare it to the next Prado you see. Should take all of one minute to find another Prado in a car park. Or go to a wreckers and compare and buy one from there.
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