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Will a genuine toyota towbar off a 97 fit on a 99 Snowy?

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  • Will a genuine toyota towbar off a 97 fit on a 99 Snowy?

    Hi, I have recently bought a 99 snowy and am looking for a towbar. I've found one that is off a 97 and am wondering if it will bolt straight up to the 99?

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    The bar will bolt to the chassis with 2-bolts each side. The front bolt will go into a pre-threaded factory hole. The rear hole will be drilled to suit and a tapping bar slipped up inside the chassis for the bolt to screw into. There are two different drillings, one with 190mm centres and the other with 110mm centres. You'll have to check out the back section of your car's chassis to see what will fit.


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      Thanks mate! would you recommend paying for a bar say through ISP etc or i it something that can be done diy? My main concern is insurance cover etc


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        You're asking the wrong person, I DIY everything. Certainly not a difficult job, the factory bolts hold it up in position while you drill the rear holes.
        You can buy the wiring harness from Toyota , then it will simply plug into the socket waiting near the jack, under left rear plastic panel.
        But if you want electric trailer brakes or an Anderson plug you have to run extra cabling.
        As for insurance question. It's a designed and tagged bar, installed according to manufacturer's written instructions. Job done.