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Looking for a GPS/reverse camera/CD player that fits into the factory fascia on 90 series

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  • Looking for a GPS/reverse camera/CD player that fits into the factory fascia on 90 series

    I recently bought a 2001 Prado and would like to replace the factory CD/tape unit with something that has GPS and a reverse camera screen built in. Something that slots straight into where the original CD/tape unit sits is what I'm after, but despite searching the net and threads on this forum haven't really been able to find anything that fits the bill. Can anyone recommend something. Reverse sensor capability would be good too.

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    check this link from ebay . im sure this i the type of thing your after.


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      Thanks buddy. I ended up putting in a Kenwood. Expensive but local!


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        Hey, did you end up getting the Kenwood DDX4017BT? Iíve just bought one but havenít no put it in my 2002 td yet.


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          Hey buddy,
          I got the DDX7019DABS not exactly sure of the difference between the two but it had everything I wanted. It was a bit of work installing it. I'm the kind that likes everything to be wired properly which means taking out alot of trim. But in the end I've got a neat install, everything where I want it. Wires out of the way, neatly routed with existing wires, won't get snagged on anything and I know the quality of what was done rather than trusting a stranger, or not even seeing who put it in.
          The hardest part was finding the reverse wire to tap in the rear camera trigger, just because there's about five (red with Black stripe) RB wires under the RH kick panel and about 3 behind the LH kick panel. It was one skinny RB one behind the LH kick panel in the end! I reckon you've done the right thing getting a good brand name one locally though. I thought going cheaper about online ordering or China ordering and although I haven't tried a "Chinese" eBay one, I'm pretty satisfied with the unit I've put in thus far.
          Digital Radio is actually really good. I'll hook up the GPS from my Android later.