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Frozen bullbar light assembly nut with no purchase

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  • Frozen bullbar light assembly nut with no purchase

    Hi Guys,

    I've been looking around the internet but haven't managed to find anything that suits my particular issue so i thought I'd ask the experts, hopefully there are still some of you around!

    I've got a 1998 VZJ95R with a toyota alloy bullbar. Its the one with fog lamps and the park/indicator light slightly above.

    The issue I have is with removing the park/indicator light. I've removed the fog lamp to get access to the park/indicator lights and have loosened off the left side nut, which mounts onto what I think is a captive bolt. The other side is a bolt that comes through from the front of the bullbar, has a flat round head and the nut is rusted onto it. While I've got the penetration oil in there and have been using an 8mm socket to get at it, the whole bolt is rotating and there is ZERO purchase on the bolt head (on the outside of the bullbar). I can't get a pair of snub nosed pliers to it, or fit the head of a flathead screwdriver between it and the bar to force it to stop. I've also tried (and failed) to use a hacksaw to saw a slot that i could use a flatty in (either i'm not trying hard enough, or this bugger is tough). I've also used one of those small propane torches to try to expand the head in its hole but still, round she goes.

    I'm hoping that some more experienced DIYers or a mechanic might have a tip on where to go forward from here.

    Cheers Guys!
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    have ypu tried drilling it


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      Hey dds,

      I wanted to drill as a last option. I borrowed a dremel from a mate first and cut a slit in the bolt head so that I could get a large flat head in there. I managed to stop the bolt rotating but I must've damaged the nut too much as its slipping in the socket.

      after that, I gave up and decided to drill through it. Went to Bunnings and talked it through with the guy from the tool shop and he suggested a particular HSS drill bit to do the job. The leading cutting surface on the bit didn't like the slit i'd cut and snapped straight away.

      I think the only way forward now is to get that dremel back and cut off the bolt on the inside if i can get to it. This has been a PITA


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        How did you go with it? Iím unfamiliar with the access of any of the bolt, but are you able to cut it with an angle grinder and cutting disc. Iíve tackled a fair share of frozen nuts and bolts before. If propane or map gas torches can be used they work wonders with loosening frozen rusted nuts. The trick is to get them real hot then theyíll undo easily.
        Commercially sold penetrating fluids are useless in my opinion. Use a mixture of 2/3 Dex 3 ATF & 1/3 acetone thinner and put in a spray bottle. Makes an excellent penetrating fluid.
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