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    yes inskip point this aust. day long week end would have been so crowed , i was still temped to go , maybe in a few weeks time i may take a monday off and make my own long week end. ...

    a trany cooler is the next project . im sure it helps . the mechanic said he has a model that he is happy with for under 200 , he said there are quite a few that dont really work at all . i guess he would want to sell his product but i will go back and see him soon to find out which he recommends . He said they are a bit tricky and time consuming to do . sounds like a patience job . but i do believe even if it helps a little its worth it in the end.then a thermo fan ? probably wise without it , it probably wouldn't be very effective .


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      Go for the 30-plate unit with the low profile fan attached.
      Will fit OK without remaking the front of the car if he uses the mounting hardware supplied, just fits hard against the condenser.
      Think they come into their own, plodding on the beach etc when the engine fan isn't revving hard enough to do the job.
      Plus you can idle for a bit and the thermo will still be running, doing good things.


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        thats good advise , cheers carco.


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          oh ho , just came back from a week end in inskip point , we caught a torrential storm on friday arvo and stayed in a hotel the first night then saturday was all good and sunday home via the beach from inskip point to noosa A really nice run if you time for low tide ,then the highway home to the gold coast. ..
          at home i gave her a strong hose down as you do and smelt a strong transmition oil smell as i was hosing off the sand from under neath . I moved the car today and sure enough there are two trany oil stains on the floor. .. so its back to the shop again !!!!!! bugger!