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  • Anderson plug connection

    I have an Anderson plug at the back of the car for the camper trailer and it was connected to a CTEK DC-DC unit fitted under the bonnet. I'm selling the car and have taken the CTEK unit out to fit in the camper closer to the batteries it is charging.
    My question is : where do I hook up the pos/neg of the anderson plug cable under the bonnet now that the CTEK is gone? I realise this is a step backwards for the new owner but I'm simply putting things back the way they were.
    I have a dual battery with an isolator. Can I just hook those two wires onto the auxiliary battery with a fuse or should it go directly to the cranking battery?
    Thanks. Frank.

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    To the battery with a fuse. Normally you would put the charger in the camper closer to the batteries, and not under the bonnet and try and charge batteries on such a long run.


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      Most trailers have their batteries wired to the +12V pin on the 7-pin trailer plug. The factory trailer connector on the WK2 provides power to that pin and will charge the batteries. The voltage drop across the #14 wire will limit the current, so it would take many hours to charge from a fully discharged state and the last 20% or so of capacity takes a really long time.

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