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2002 TX looking for trailer wiring diagram.

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  • 2002 TX looking for trailer wiring diagram.

    Hi there

    I have a 2002 tx that previous owner wired a brake controller for. Something happened as the inline fuse btw the brake controller unit and the terminal was burnt to a crisp - whole case melted not just popped a fuse. On closer inspection the blue service brake wire has been cut at the socket end and a new heavier Guage wire run from brake ctrl unit to the 12 pin trailer socket. This all came to light when I hooked up my caravan and had problems with the clearance lights ie low low voltage. Hooked up another tug and clearance lights work... not the caravan.

    Cleaned the inside the housing of the socket to make sure no corrosion and discovered the alternative wiring. Tested the tail light brown wire and only getting 0.05 volts which is what comes out of the clearance lights when hooked up.

    so I'm trying to find out where the brown wire goes from the socket into the car... if that makes sense.

    My dash lights have gone as well, which having dug around the forums a bit could be related to the trailer issue. suggestions have been to check the grounding of the tail light wire.

    IT would be great to know where to look, tried in the jack compartment but cldnt see much other than wires for the 12v power outlet.

    Any suggestions appreciated also a wiring diagram wouldnt probably go astray if anyone has one lying around.

    thanks again.

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    You were in the right spot, the jack compartment. The car comes with pre-wired socket as part of the car's harness. All that's needed to run wires to a trailer socket is to buy the Toyota harness which plugs into the car and runs down to the tow bar. I'd pull the trim from that section to make it easy to trace your wires.