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90 Series Optional Alarm Upgrade

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  • 90 Series Optional Alarm Upgrade

    So I'm trying to find an upgrade kit to suit the VZJ95 GXL. I've got the genuine accessory number for the kit, but of course Toyota don't supply them any more!
    It was a kit made by Toyota Australia also, so google provides literally 1 result.
    If you've got the optional alarm you should potentially get either a soft chirp or a quick horn beep when you lock and unlock the car. It'll also go bananas if you open a door without the remote when it's armed. I think it also has an LED on the dash, but who needs that anyway!

    The alarm upgrade kit : PZQ71-60065 - It only works with the PZQ71-60073 central locking module(little black box behind p/side kick panel), which was optional for the RV, RV6, and GXL 90s I believe.

    Hopefully someone on here has that kit in their Prado and can help me out with some part numbers and wiring connector locations.
    The alarm siren should sit under the bonnet up near the cruise control and ABS/brake booster apparently.
    It'll connect up to a 3 pin connector there, plus wiring must go over towards the battery where there's a connector as well.

    I've gotten to the point of finding the two wires for the bonnet pin switch, can make the car not want to lock if you short them together.

    I've got a feeling that you'd need to add/remove a few pins on the central locking module as well to 'tell' it that it's now an alarm.
    Then you can do the programming that is explained in the "Prado Remote Central Locking and Optional Alarm" manual in my glovebox.

    If anyone has any information that can help me more than Dr helpful Toyota dealerships I'd be really appreciative! Would be perfect if someone has kept the blue accessory box in their shed with the fitting instructions still!

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    I have a VX model. The alarm is a Rhino system in mine.
    1999 Prado VX Grande White on Silver 3.4Ltr Auto


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      Does your alarm use the factory single button remote?


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        Jesse, i have been trying to sign up for about 2 months so i can answer you.
        i have the set up you are asking about. my remote central locking module was playing up and i though it was the alarm, i have unplugged it all.
        i will take photos for you when i get home this arvo.

        are you trying to buy it or just install? if you can take some photos of the manual you are talking about is like to see that too.


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            2 fuses at battery positive
            ignition is picked up from the wiper motor
            the siren connects to the 3 pin plug on the guard that goes into the main harness.