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Activating Programming mode

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  • Activating Programming mode

    I have a 1997 Toyota Prado TZ (J90 - Second generation, KZJ95 Series, 1KZ-TE 3L Diesel engine ) that was assembled and first registered in Japan and then imported into New Zealand. It has a two button Toyota remote access key but doesn't have an immobilizer (I have a couple of spare keys that do not contain transponders and work fine in opening all doors and start the car when used in the ignition).

    The close button is starting to play up so I want to code a generic remote opening fob but cant seem to get the car into the programming mode.

    Does anyone know what the correct process to activate programming mode is for this vehicle?

  • #2 worked for my Prado 90 but it came with a single-button remote, and I used a generic ebay replacement as the originials were a bit iffy.

    It did take quite a few attempts to get it in to the 20-flashes programming mode, so keep at it!

    Not sure if this is applicable to your Prado or not though, as mine just has the single button remote and does have an immobilser (VZJ95R Australian domestic market version).


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      Thanks RedAdventureWagon. Will see if i can get the car into programming mode - do you have the procedure you used? Took my old 2-button key into a locksmith and he said it was a 311MHz fsk chip in the key - do I need to make sure I get the right kind of generic remote fob to match this frequency?


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        Roscoe63 the procedure I linked was the one I followed, using the 'Prado Corolla' sequence of 20 cycles of the key rather than the 'Hilux Land Cruiser'.

        I don't know what frequency these use but a replacement would almost certainly have to be the same I would think.

        I should say though mine is a single button remote type TBB-S, I am not sure if the 2 button is compatible or not, but that's what my Australian domestic market Prado came with, I have not owned it from new though.

        Good luck with it mate. If you can't program the new one and the circuit board in the old one is ok then you could just transplant the circuit board from old to new.