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  • Fan stopped working

    Hi Guys,

    i apologize in advance for my poor English.

    On my Toyota Prado built in 1999 the fan stopped working today.

    There is no power at the plug of the fan.

    All fuses seem to be ok.

    What else can I check maybe a ground wire or relay?

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    1990 for a 90 series?

    If it is a 90 series then the things to check would be:
    - heater resistor - if it works on max but nothing else then this is the prime suspect
    - heater fuse - under bonnet. this is a big 60 amp fuse. If this is blown then there is most likely a fault in the wiring.
    - heater switch - unlikely to fail in all positions but worth checking.

    You can check for ground by measuring between the connector pins and the body - if you get 12v doing this then you know the fault is in the ground.

    My suspect would be the heater resistor though.


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