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1kzte tapping noise, 2000 prado auto?????

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  • 1kzte tapping noise, 2000 prado auto?????

    Hi and thanks in advance for ya time
    2000 prado 90s 1kz-te auto 360000km Still drives strong with no smoke
    This is manly my tow truck for boat, noise started after towing boat to beach and since then I towed it home and back and forward again with no change in noise, 400km all up.

    The tapping noise sounds like itís low and towards the rear of engine, bellhouse almost,
    Ok the tapping noise when cold start itís not there at idle, but when you rev the car you will hear the tapping on the de-sell, about 4-5 taps on the de-sell when rev to 3000rpm it taps on the de-sell
    Once the engine gets to normal warm temp the tapping will start tapping at idle, and after a trip to town or so the noise gets a little quieter.
    When slide auto gear stick the tick will miss one while sliding from like park to reverse, etc
    things I have done..
    ódrained engine oil and no steel bits to be found,
    6 mechanics have looked and listened and not any luck yet,
    óput steel bar/screw driver trying to listen for noise,
    ótiming belt cover off to check tensioner,
    ill try put put videos up of noise, first video is of cold start, second is of once warm, Iím thinking issue with injector pump????
    Noise travels but mayby someone can shed some light, possible itís in the bellhousing?

    this is cold start,

    warmed up

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    Mate that's crook.
    Has anyone pushed the bell housing cover to one side and had a look at the flex plate?
    I know the V6 has a bit of a reputation for cracking flex plates but I recently saw a KZ one that had destroyed itself.
    Doesn't happen overnight, usually gives you plenty of noisy warnings.