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Sudden unexplained fuel use increase

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  • Sudden unexplained fuel use increase

    Hi all, excessive fuel use question. Up until about Jan/Feb fuel use in my 2001 auto kzj95r Prado had been around 10.5 to 12.5 per 100 depending on driving style. Then, within the space of a tank or 2 it sky-rocketed to as high as 16.5 per.
    Only thing changed/done to vehicle in that time was attempt to adjust the handbrake.
    Have since fully reversed the adjustments done to handbrake. Have also given full service including fuel filter, and have fitted new injectors. Have also checked brakes for sticking/grabbing callipers.
    Best economy I can achieve now is a steady 13.5 per driving like an old man, not loaded.

    Anyone got any suggestions as to were to look next?