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  • Radiator pipe

    When it rains it pours

    went out this morning to find a leak dripping from bottom of radiator.

    doesnt seem to be coolant it seem to be 2 extra pipes coming from the bottom of radiator.

    it was dripping what appeared to be water.
    the elbow fitting appears to be loose which I was able to just pull out, looks
    like thread may have gone and has been bodged up at some point.

    when I removed it I got a red looking oil coming out but not much.

    im a bit baffled

    cant find any pics in book showing this pipe on radiator.

    any ideas

    thanks for your time

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    Auto transmission oil perchance?
    You could bypass it with a double ended barb joiner temporarily, but in the end the rad will need replacing.
    cheers Steve


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      The heat exchanger in the bottom tank is a pretty crude affair.
      I’d try to tighten the fitting (gently) to ensure it isn’t just leaking on the flare.


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        So I can just join the 2 pipes together and it will be ok??

        just while I sus out a new radiator??

        should there be much oil coming out??
        it appeared to be dripping water and oil.


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          We can’t advise on that one Tony, transmission oil temp will get very high without the cooler. You might sit in traffic and cook the poor thing.


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            Been raining so I chopped up my old 90 radiator for you.
            This is a Toyota radiator so the oil cooler pipes are silver soldered to the cooler fitting.
            If yours is like this and the pipe pulled out...... she's buggered.
            Aftermarket radiator will have a flare fitting to the cooler.
            So you'll see that large hex nut which holds the cooler to the bottom tank, and then in front of it you'll see a smaller hex nut which is the flare nut for the pipe.
            The flare nut can be loosened and then the fitting orientated in any direction.
            A loose flare nut will leak transmission oil.


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              Thanks for the help and info.

              i had to do the joining the hoses together as a temp fix. The wife needs the car for work at night so at least it’s a bit cooler then.

              yes it is as your pics and yes it is buggered.
              even looks like it was glued in possibly by previous owner.

              i ordered a new radiator so hope it arrives soon.

              thanks for your time

              very helpful