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Prado cranks but won't start can I use starting fluid to get it going?

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  • Prado cranks but won't start can I use starting fluid to get it going?

    I had to leave my Prado parked on the road as it cranks but won't start. New battery and lots of power. I will check the fuel pump fuse tomorrow in the daylight, but if the fuse is good was thinking of using ether in the air breather to see if I can get it to start and drive to the garage without needing a tow truck. If I turn on the ignition and glow plugs for a couple of minutes before spaying the ether into the air breather then cranking the engine, could that still damage the engine? Does Toyota warn against using starting fluid on this engine?

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    Assuming a 1KZ-TE, it has an ECU that controls the spill valve that decides how much (if any) fuel gets to the injector lines. If "computer say's noooo...", then I think no amount of cranking will keep it running (I would have to read the Denso pump manual to confirm my understanding). Have you tried to pull the codes from the ECU?
    Start with the basics: is it getting fuel and air? Is it glowing correctly? Measure the battery voltage and voltage at the plugs, they are 11v. You should see it peak then taper off after about 5-7secs if the timer is working correctly.
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      Yes you can use an engine start spray to see if it will ignite (which I suspect it will).

      I went through a similar problem when I bought my 1KZ-TE Prado. Problem was the Spill Control Valve. The solenoid inside become sticky and I'd have to crank for a few minutes before it would start. Solution was simple. I removed my SCV taking ABSOLUTE care not to let dirt get into the fuel pump. I popped some scrunched up toilet paper in the pump while I worked on the SCV. Cleaned the small filters underneath the SCV by spraying through the filters with carburetor cleaner spray. I didn't bother pulling the filters apart as it was too hard and I felt like I might damage them. I then applied 12v directly from a car battery to the terminals of the SCV solenoid about 20 times in quick succession which loosened up the solenoid. You should hear it clicking. Popped the SCV back into the pump, connected up and now the truck starts/runs as good as new.

      Hope this helps


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