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Sudden loss of power under normal conditions. Before that, uneven idling.

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  • Sudden loss of power under normal conditions. Before that, uneven idling.

    Yesterday my petrol V6 auto LC Prado 90 2001 started to behave worryingly.

    After 30 km driving in town, in ambient temp +5C and with engine temp meter with a steady and normal reading, when I momentarily stopped, the idle RPM fluctuated between 700 and 800 RPM, doing the typical rhythmic ”brum, brum, brum” when something has to actively maintain the correct RPM (appx. 800).

    Hm, thinking that needs to be looked into at some point, I continued for 6 km on the motorway at 100km/h, and went off onto a smaller road. I had to stop and ascend a very minor uphill, but very little happend - substantial lack of power! Got up and tried to accelerate normally, the engine hesitantly reached 3000 RPM, and it it even felt like the box was not in the mood to bring us forward (panicking slightly, getting very worried about the box, so I’m not sure). Managed to limp myself out of the way a couple of 100 meters further, I stopped the car and lifted the hood. Nothing seemed peculiar to the untrained mind.

    Before I stopped I tried to rev the engine with the box in Neutral, still hestiatanly reaching only 3000 RPM.

    After waiting five minutes, I drove normally but carefully the 10 km home, without apparent problems. Another 10km of town driving today, with some provocations, but no recurring symptoms. But surely something is not right and needs to be diagnosed and taken care of before I can rely fully on my dear LC again. Asked the local Dr Toyota, he needs EUR 160 for a diagnosis attempt, without any guarantees at all of actually being able to diagnos the problem within that first hour (or even later).

    So all ideas around this would be most welcome